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Please use the links on this page to explore other airship-related web-sites and You Tube content.  These include the Airship Heritage Trust (covering the history of British Airships), it’s American counterpart the Naval Airship Association, Pete Lobner’s extensive library of posts about modern airships, and a number of links to useful You Tube documentaries and presentations. 

Airship Heritage Trust

Our sister organisation covers the history of all the British Airships from 1900 to the present day and includes notes, photographs and diagrams (where available) for all major British airships, together with an extensive library of links to other resources.  The Trust publishes its own quarterly magazine called Dirigible.


Naval Airship Association

The Naval Airship Association promotes the history, education, applications and technology of lighter-than-air (LTA) vehicles including balloons, blimps, dirigibles, zeppelins and other airships.  The Association publishes its own quarterly magazine called The Noon Balloon.

Modern Airships

The Lyncean Group of San Diego (Lynceans) consists of retired and semi-retired technical professionals who meet regularly to discuss subjects associated with science and technology, to learn from one another, to share thoughts and ideas, and to enjoy a mutual interest in science, technology and related fields.  One of their regular contributors is Pete Lobner (he is also a member of the Airship association) and he has developed an extensive library of posts about modern airships in three parts which you can find here:

Modern Airships Part 1 -
Modern Airships Part 2 -
Modern Airships Part 3 -


Welcome Aboard the R-100

Produced by the Airship Heritage Trust, this excellent You Tube presentation uses a 3D model to take a tour of the inside of the R-100, and see what it was like to travel in the giant airships of the 1920’s. There is a companion presentation for the ill-fated R-101 airship (


Skyship stories Episode 1

This is the first episode of an 8 part series looking at Airship industries’ pioneering airship of the 1980s.  This first episode looks at how to become a Skyship pilot whilst other entries in the series cover flying, landing, ground handling and operations.


What it Takes to Fly the Goodyear Blimp

This is one of several excellent You Tube videos about the latest Goodyear ‘blimps’ and provides a great introduction to flying and operating modern airships.

ISO Polar Airships

Encouraging the development of airship technology for sustainable transportation and logistics applications in northern latitudes.  Home of the Airships to the Arctic Conference.  Their 'All About Airships' page links to a number of good resources.

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