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K-04 A legal view of balloons and air ships in their beginnings

Between 1906 to 1910 the number of balloons and steerable airships
increased and the first ideas of "flying machines", i.e. aircrafts arose.
Visions and fictions with hundreds of "aerostats" in a limited air
space became imaginable and is provable since 1804, e.g. for future
military activities. Subsequently, related legal aspects had to be
specified, clarifying and finally also regulations have to enact on
aeronautical traffic in an international frame. This to cover military as
well as civil activities. The presentation includes the following topics:

A10 - Airship flight testing as learning with corrective action

A thoroughly verified statistical model of learning with degenerative feedback is used to evaluate results of airship flight testing – the probability of mission success and its confidence limit. The main communication zest is as follows: testing with corrective action is considered as the process of a continuous vehicle’s perfection until all specification requirements are met and confirmed. The result can be used as a part of evidence for airship airworthiness certification.

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