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Autonomous airship

A04 - Trajectory tracking for autonomous blimp

This paper presents the current status of the development of an autonomous blimp. Details are given on the hardware setup, which is currently almost operational. A flight decomposition allowing to define canonical navigation phases from takeoff to landing is proposed. For each phase a reduced model is determined and a controller is designed on the base of back-stepping techniques. This approach allows to consider the kinematic and dynamic requirement separately.

A05 - Control system design, implementation and applications for a semi-autonomous remote piloted airship

Small unmanned airships have traditionally been limited to low-tech applications such as advertising, where endurance and precise control were not necessary. It is suggested that improvements in stability, control
and navigation of these craft could broaden their capabilities to include precise, repeatable inspection and recording. Advancements in battery technology, envelope material, solar cell film and engine efficiency are

A03 - Motion generation on trim trajectories for an autonomous underactuated airship

We are currently studying a small airship that has no metal framework and collapses when deflated. In the first part of this paper, dynamic modeling of small autonomous non rigid airships is presented, using the Newton-Euler approach. This study discusses the motion in 6 degrees of freedom since 6 independent coordinates are necessary to determine the position and orientation of this vehicle. Euler angles are used in the formulation of this model. In the second part of the paper, path planning is introduced. Motion generation for trim trajectories is presented.

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