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N-01 Management of aeronautical technology and engineering

This paper identifies some of the unique problems experienced by
the aeronautical sector and assesses the common key factors for
success. The theme is that these factors, the desired outcomes
such as safety and quality, can be improved by applying best
practice management and by using assessment tools. Yet the use of
a single model or standard is not sufficient to generate an integrated
management strategy. The motives for pursuing an integrated
strategy must be analysed, articulated to and supported by the entire

A11 - Evaluation of regenerative fuel cell technology for airship

The stratospheric platform airship as the communication infrastructure shall have an enough station keeping capability at a high altitude during a long term. This airship requires a very lightweight electric power system which can be operated continuously for a long term. In this case the combined system of the photovoltaics and the regenerative fuel cell is the most promising system as an onboard power plant. The development of a lightweight and highly reliable regenerative fuel cell is the most critical item for this advanced power plant.

A03 - Motion generation on trim trajectories for an autonomous underactuated airship

We are currently studying a small airship that has no metal framework and collapses when deflated. In the first part of this paper, dynamic modeling of small autonomous non rigid airships is presented, using the Newton-Euler approach. This study discusses the motion in 6 degrees of freedom since 6 independent coordinates are necessary to determine the position and orientation of this vehicle. Euler angles are used in the formulation of this model. In the second part of the paper, path planning is introduced. Motion generation for trim trajectories is presented.

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