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A07 - Solar - hydrogen energy systems for high altitude platforms - current characteristics and limits

Solar -hydrogen systems were analyzed regarding their usability as energy supply system for high altitude platforms. The main attention was directed to characteristics of current or near term available technology. Specific power weight of photovoltaics, electrolyser, fuel cell and gas tanks and their dependence on operation mode and power range were assessed. A pre-design of a solar-hydrogen energy system was carried out for an airship (volume 580,000 m³) withstanding wind speeds up to »130 km/h.

A01 - Construction and flying a radio controlled lighter than aircraft powered by cycloidal propellers

Cycloidal (Vertical axis) propellers have been used in some form for over a hundred years in various applications, mostly on boats. The flexibility of directional control is it’s main advantage, a simple rotational change of the blades and the direction is changed.

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