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Existing Manufacturing and Maintenance Facilities

The following list comprises the remaining manufacturing or maintenance facilities built specifically for larger airships, which are still in existence (although probably not in a good state of repair), and still have sufficient access space for an airship to enter or exit the facility

Airship Manufacturing and Maintenance Facilities

The availability of suitable facilities for the construction and annual maintenance of airships or LTA vehicles is of utmost importance to the airship industry.  The historic sheds and hangars that were built during the first great period of experimentation with the airship concept are rare, with the majority that are still in existence being in the USA (s

Cardington site under threat of residential development

Sheds One and Two at Cardington Airfield, UK. Airship manufacturing and maintenance facilities are rare, given the size and volume of the vessels that they were designed to house, and most of those facilities are in the USA.

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