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E-01 The First Operational Season of the Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei

The Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei (DZR) was (re-)founded at the beginning of 2001 as a direct subsidiary of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik (ZLT) with the task of carrying out commercial passenger transport with airships.

K-02 Airplane or Airship? The Cultural Dimensions of a Transatlantic Debate

This paper is a preliminary investigation of a chapter in a history
of transatlantic flight currently being written. It briefly surveys the
debate that surrounded the use of airships in Transatlantic
service in the interwar years, and to frame the issue in the
context of both prestige and technological choice. Although
imagery and national pride influenced public opinion in this
matter, historical accounts generally assume that the dirigible
would have failed in any case. In fact, under the conditions of

A06 - Analysis of technical and economical criteria of advanced transport airships

On the basis of structural and parametric analysis and synthesis of LTA as complex engineering systems R&D have been undertaken to outline an overall appearance of advanced airships with high technical and economical indices. We've also analyzed cost indices of advanced transport airships with great payloads. The analysis
implies that expected airship expenses per 1 t×km can be 1.5-3 times lower as compared with airplanes and 7-10 times (at least) over helicopters.

Recent Developments

Over the last 30 years, small teams of engineers and businessmen have worked to develop the airship concept.  Using advances in engineering techniques, improved materials and practical innovation these groups have tested new ideas, and in many cases re-discovered concepts that have lain dormant until the materials sciences could catch up.  Occasionally larger corporations or government departments put some effort in to projects to investigate the state of the market; but shifting personnel, budgetary constraints and a lack of immediate need, have usually closed down these projects

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