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4th IAC

The Fourth International Airship Convention, hosted by the Airship Association and held in Cambridge, UK in 2002.

B01 - Identification methodology for the dynamics of AURORA project airship

Project AURORA aims at the development of an unmanned airship capable of autonomous flight over user-defined locations for aerial inspection and imagery acquisition. This paper addresses the methodology to be used for the identification of the dynamic model of AURORA airship and the evaluation of the aerodynamic coefficients using the data obtained from specific flight test experiments.

A02 - Steam LTA - past, present, and future

Steam as LTA lift gas: its advantages and disadvantages. A ground boiler is required for initial filling. Possibility of mounting insulation upon the envelope. The double envelope concept. Advantages of
size; the square/cube law. The "dribble" and "reboiling" flight modes for a steam balloon. Review of previous proposals: Cayley - Erdmann - Papst - Alcock - Giraud - Domen. Our experiments, and

A01 - Construction and flying a radio controlled lighter than aircraft powered by cycloidal propellers

Cycloidal (Vertical axis) propellers have been used in some form for over a hundred years in various applications, mostly on boats. The flexibility of directional control is it’s main advantage, a simple rotational change of the blades and the direction is changed.

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