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Cardington site under threat of residential development

Sheds One and Two at Cardington Airfield, UK. Airship manufacturing and maintenance facilities are rare, given the size and volume of the vessels that they were designed to house, and most of those facilities are in the USA.

Recent Developments

Over the last 30 years, small teams of engineers and businessmen have worked to develop the airship concept.  Using advances in engineering techniques, improved materials and practical innovation these groups have tested new ideas, and in many cases re-discovered concepts that have lain dormant until the materials sciences could catch up.  Occasionally larger corporations or government departments put some effort in to projects to investigate the state of the market; but shifting personnel, budgetary constraints and a lack of immediate need, have usually closed down these projects

Airship Books

There are a number of excellent books available for those who wish to learn more about the engineering challenges, the physics, the aerodynamic or history of airships.  This is a preliminary list, and is by no means exhaustive;  suggested additions or deletions to this list are welcome to                                                            

Metal Clad

The concept for metal-clad airships has been around since the mid-19th century, but the materials sciences of the time was unable to support such a concept. Only one truly metal-clad airship has actually been built, the ZMC-2 built for the US Navy in 1929.


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