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Knowledge Preservation: Re-fuelling and re-supply underway

Re-fuelling and re-supply of LTAV and Airships while under-way is an important tool to extend the endurance and range of LTAV.  The United States Navy (USN) developed and practiced various procedures to enable re-fuelling and re-supply at sea, starting with the Airship Tender USS Patoka in the 1920's, and developing those procedures until the end of the USN use of Airships in the early 1960's.

K-02 Airplane or Airship? The Cultural Dimensions of a Transatlantic Debate

This paper is a preliminary investigation of a chapter in a history
of transatlantic flight currently being written. It briefly surveys the
debate that surrounded the use of airships in Transatlantic
service in the interwar years, and to frame the issue in the
context of both prestige and technological choice. Although
imagery and national pride influenced public opinion in this
matter, historical accounts generally assume that the dirigible
would have failed in any case. In fact, under the conditions of

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