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The oversight, by competent legal authories, of any element of LTA design, construction, ground or air operations that that those authorities consider need to be controlled by rules.

The competent legal authorities will usually be the civil aviation authorities in the country of manufacture (e.g. Federal Aviation Administration (USA), European Aviation Safety Authority (EU), Civil Aviation Administrations of China, India or Brazil.)

N-01 Management of aeronautical technology and engineering

This paper identifies some of the unique problems experienced by
the aeronautical sector and assesses the common key factors for
success. The theme is that these factors, the desired outcomes
such as safety and quality, can be improved by applying best
practice management and by using assessment tools. Yet the use of
a single model or standard is not sufficient to generate an integrated
management strategy. The motives for pursuing an integrated
strategy must be analysed, articulated to and supported by the entire

Transport Airship Requirements

In 1999 the German Certification authorities at the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt began to prepare the regulatory framework for the Cargolifter project jointly with the Dutch CAA.  A consultative committee was formed of several European and American CAA/FAA representatives and included delegates from the Airship Association Council. They produced and circulated a document callled the Transport Airship Airworthiness Requirements, intended to be the legal requirements for any fully buoyant airship over a certain size, the purpose of which was transport of goods or passengers.


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