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Lifting Gas

Lifting Gas is the term used to identify the method of lift utilized in Aerostatic applications. The lifting gas in modern LTA vehicles is most frequently helium although hot air is also frequently used. Hydrogen was a popular lifting gas until the 1930's and is occasionally still used for balloons or aerostats.

A02 - Steam LTA - past, present, and future

Steam as LTA lift gas: its advantages and disadvantages. A ground boiler is required for initial filling. Possibility of mounting insulation upon the envelope. The double envelope concept. Advantages of
size; the square/cube law. The "dribble" and "reboiling" flight modes for a steam balloon. Review of previous proposals: Cayley - Erdmann - Papst - Alcock - Giraud - Domen. Our experiments, and

List of Rigid Airships where Hydrogen was a major factor in their destruction

  • LZ-4 (August 5, 1908)
  • LZ-6 (September 14, 1910)
  • LZ-12/Z-III (June 17, 1912)
  • LZ-10 Schwaben (June 28, 1912)
  • Akron (July 2, 1912)
  • LZ-18/L-2 (October 17, 1913)
  • LZ-30/Z-XI (May 20, 1915)
  • LZ-40/L-10 (September 3, 1915)
  • SL-6 (November 10, 1915)
  • LZ-52/L-18 (November 17, 1915)
  • LZ-31/L-6 and LZ-36/L-9 (September 16, 1916)
  • LZ-53/L-17 and LZ-69/L-24 (December 28, 1916)
  • SL-9 (March 30, 1917)
  • LZ-102/L-57 (October 7, 1917)

Is now the time to re-investigate the use of Hydr.............

For nearly thirty years, between 1909 and 1938, Hydrogen was used as the primary lifting gas for most Airships and Aerostats.  The flammable and explosive nature of Hydrogen was known and understood by the Airshipmen, Balloonists and designers of the time, and procedures were in place to mitigate those risks.


HELIUM AND ITS USES Taken from a recent statement by BOC

It's important to be aware that there are distinctions between pure gaseous helium, pure liquid helium and impure gaseous helium. Pure gaseous helium has a number of important applications including analysis, diving and medical gases and specialist manufacturing processes.

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