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Ground Handling

Any operation related to the movement of an LTA vehicle prior to a planned flight, or after a controlled landing.

K-01 Learning from the past: Using historical material to help establish ground handling procedures for large airships

All the airships operating in the world today use ground handling
techniques based on those developed by Goodyear for the US
Navy Second World War blimps. These techniques have evolved
further in the intervening years since the last US Navy blimp
programme ended in the early 1960's. The procedures are now
proven to be safe and reliable in the field and they are well
understood and approved by the current regulatory aviation
authorities. However these ground handling techniques, which

Airship Manufacturing and Maintenance Facilities

The availability of suitable facilities for the construction and annual maintenance of airships or LTA vehicles is of utmost importance to the airship industry.  The historic sheds and hangars that were built during the first great period of experimentation with the airship concept are rare, with the majority that are still in existence being in the USA (s

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