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Lighter than air - Dialogue. Inspired by comments at the Bedford convention, on macroeconomics.

On Friday, the second and final day of the 8th International Airship Convention in Bedford, there was a late comment from Professor Khoury concerning LTA technology, its market potential and macroeconomics. It was given in conjunction to a presentation by Mr. Talesnikov, RosAeroSystems, and in dialogue with Dr. Sträter, former manager of Zeppelin, and his views on market potential for cargo airships.

Hybrid Air Vehicles provide the platform for Northrop Grumman win

Northrop Grumman have won a contract with the US Army to provide a Long-Endurance, Multi-intelligence Vehicle (LEMV). The platform selected by Northrop Grumman is based on the Hybrid Air Vehicles lifting body/LTA design, and is designed to lift a payload of 2500 lbs to 20,000 feet for periods of up to 3 weeks.


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