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The US Navy MZ-3A, currently the only US Navy airship flying, received a last minute reprieve from deflation on February 27. The airship had arrived at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and was due to enter Hangar 1 for deflation and storage. News of the deflation came just four months after the airship had received her US Navy ‘colours’. The reason given for the deflation was, according to Doug Abbotts, a spokesman at the Naval Air Systems Command centre at Patuxent River, Md. “It’s not that we have a lack of funding. We have a lack of mission.”

Presentation by Northrop Grumman to the Royal Navy

A meeting is reported to have taken place recently between Northrop Grumman and UK Ministry of Defence, to inform the Royal Navy about the potential of Hybrid Airships in a maritime role.

9th International Airship Convention - Call for Papers

Call for Papers. The two day technical conference lies at the heart of the 9th International Airship Convention, providing speakers with the opportunity to present to delegates and discuss with them their papers and new ideas on airships or hybrids. The Convention language will be english, and the subject should conform to one of the general topics.

9th International Airship Convention & Exhibition - Ashford, England 20th to 23rd June 2012

2012 looks like being a very exciting year with the promise of two military airships in the beginning half of the year. The Airship Association will hold its biennial Airship Convention in June 2012 with a full program of speakers, keynote speakers, model airship regatta and exhibition. You are invited to join us in order to hear up to date reports on airship developments. The convention is open to all and details of registration fees, accommodation, events and paper submission can be seen in the brochure.

Anna von Zeppelin – Airship Association Press Officer

The Airship Association announces the appointment of Australian Ms Anna von Zeppelin as Press Officer of the Association.

Hybrid Air Vehicles Secure Commercial Airship Deal

A British company will take a big step towards returning airships to commercial service after more than 70 years on Wednesday when it announces its first customer in a deal that could lead to orders for up to 45 air vehicles worth more than £2bn ($3.3bn).

Airship Pavilion at Le Bourget Paris Airshow

Le Bourget’s 49th International Airshow 2011 featured a 20x30m pavilion dedicated to airships sponsored by the Mayor of Paris, the French Government and the car company Citroen, amongst others. This is part of an impressive national French effort that includes Dirisoft Research, the University of Versailles and the Institute of R&D on photovoltaic Energy. Dirisoft Research is a network, first suggested by AERALL, and founded in 2007 at the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in Paris to explore technologies for transporting heavy lifts.

Airship Crash in Germany

On Sunday 12 June 2011, an airship owned and operated by Lightship Europe Limited (LEL) caught fire at Reichelsheim Airfield in Germany. It has been reported in the press that the pilot, by his actions, enabled the safe evacuation from the gondola of his three passengers; subsequently the pilot suffered fatal injuries. There were no injuries to the passengers or ground crew. The airship was one of two A60 Lightships chartered by Goodyear from LEL for marketing purposes in Europe. Goodyear and LEL issued a joint statement.

Goodyear orders 3 Zeppelin NT airships

A press release by the Zeppelin company dated May 2011 announces the sale of three Zeppelin NT airships to the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Appointment of Dr Bernd Sträter as President of the Airship Association

At the 2011 AGM held in London on 14th April 2011 the Chairman, Peter Ward announced that Dr Bernd Sträter Dipl-Ing, the former CEO of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH and Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH, had agreed to become the new president of the Airship Association with effect from 1st May 2011.


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