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Model Airship Regatta 2012

As part of the Airship Association's 9th International Convention, a model airship regatta was organised. 

The aim of the regatta was to encourage young engineers to explore the practicalities of cargo acquisition in flight. 

M1400 Airship Programme Confirmed Cancelled

24 June, 2012

Word has been received that the M1400 airship program will not be taken over by the US Navy as had been hoped, and the airship will now be deflated and put into storage.

The work to crate the airship is due to be completed by the end of July.

We will carry a report on the program and its termination in the September issue of AIRSHIP. 

Cardington Shed One Damaged Further in Gale Force Winds

Shed One at Cardington has suffered further damage during the high winds on Friday June 22. A section of the skin at the south end of the building has begun to peel away.

Thanks to Tevor Monk for the photographs.




June 22nd 2012.

The convention can only be described as extremely successful with 33 excellent papers on a wide array of subjects ranging from operations to historical and financing routes for airship programs.  Social time was greatly enjoyed by the delegates with many groups talking well into the night.

We will host a report on the convention in the September issue of AIRSHIP and will feature some issues papers over the next several issues.


Programme of Speakers 2012  (Click icon on left for full details) The programme for the Airship Association International Conference in Ashford on 21-22 June 2012 has been finalised, with speakers from across the Americas, China, India and Europe. There are 33 presentations in the current draft of the Conference Programme originating from 12 countries.



AIRSHIP 176 - June 2012

The June issue of AIRSHIP has been posted and should be with members shortly.

For the duration of the Airship Association Conference, a copy of this month's Journal was available as a PDF.

Hybrid Air Vehicles changes logo

Hybrid Air Vehicles in Bedfordshire is re-branding its image and has changed its logo. Delegates to the Ashford Conference would be able to meet Mr Gordon Taylor of HAV and ask him about the re-branding. He will be giving a keynote presentation entitled HAV: Programme Status.

UPDATED : M1400 Airship Programme Reported Cancelled

The US Air Force has issued orders to stop work on the the M1400 airship programme, and to deflate and crate the airship ready for storage. This comes just weeks before the airship's first flight. It would have been the largest airship to fly in 55 years. UPDATE: As of May 26th, MAV6, the developers of the M1400 airship, report they continue to make every effort to save the programme. A feature article covering the later stages of the airship's construction is included in the June issue of AIRSHIP.

Skyship Services Inc recover Trinidad Airship

Skyship 600s at the Athens OlympicsSkyship Services Inc, headquartered in Orlando Florida, is in the process of assimilating the assets of Airship Management Services into the new organization.   Now the owner of the Skyship and Sentinel airship type certificates, the management team is in the final stages of the complete refurbishment of Skyship 600-10 which is being


LEMV To Fly in June

According to a media report, Northrup Grumman's director of Army Programs, K.C.C Brown Jr., has stated that the hybrid will make its first flight between 6-10 June, 2012.


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