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March issue of AIRSHIP is at the printers

The March issue of AIRSHIP is at the printers and members should have it soon. 

In this issue we cover the latest news from around the world with features on the French airship company A-NSE, Incorperating Maintenace Considerations into Airship Design and the important GAO report on American military airship programs.

The March issue of AIRSHIP is at the printers and members should have it soon. 


The MARCH edition of AIRSHIP is coming very soon. Please ensure your subscriptions are fully up to date. If your subscription has expired then we will be unable to send to latest edition. Subscriptions can be paid directly by cheque to the TREASURER, PO BOX 819, GILLINGHAM, ME8 1BY.

AEROSCRAFT - An Industry Game Changer?

My report on my visit to the AEROSCRAFT in Tustin, California is now available on the web site with additional photographs. Members can log in for access to the full article .

Failed LTA Projects

The list of failed LTA Projects is long.  In many cases, the causes of failure have been linked to lack of finance; starting a project without sufficient funding to see it through,  in-sufficient funding to overcome unforseen technical challenges, or mis-spending the available funding.

December issue of AIRSHIP at printers

The December issue of AIRSHIP is now at the printers. It's another packed issue including an exclusive report on my visit to the AEROSCRAFT in Tustin, California. We hope members will have it before Christmas.

Airship Ventures to cease operation

Airship Ventures, the Californian start-up company that leased a Zeppelin NT for operations in the San Fransisco Bay area is to cease operating.  The company was set up and run by Brian and Alexandra Hall, a husband and wife team who succeeded in raising the finance to lease one of the most technologically advanced airship types available on the market today.

Knowledge Preservation: Re-fuelling and re-supply underway

Re-fuelling and re-supply of LTAV and Airships while under-way is an important tool to extend the endurance and range of LTAV.  The United States Navy (USN) developed and practiced various procedures to enable re-fuelling and re-supply at sea, starting with the Airship Tender USS Patoka in the 1920's, and developing those procedures until the end of the USN use of Airships in the early 1960's.

Airship Manufacturing and Maintenance Facilities

The availability of suitable facilities for the construction and annual maintenance of airships or LTA vehicles is of utmost importance to the airship industry.  The historic sheds and hangars that were built during the first great period of experimentation with the airship concept are rare, with the majority that are still in existence being in the USA (s

Cardington site under threat of residential development

Sheds One and Two at Cardington Airfield, UK. Airship manufacturing and maintenance facilities are rare, given the size and volume of the vessels that they were designed to house, and most of those facilities are in the USA.

Errata in September issue of AIRSHIP

The article on helium supply that appears starting on page 13 of the September issue of AIRSHIP was mistakenly attributed to Mr. Dan N Baciu of Linde Gas.  The excerpt from the presentation given at the Airship Convention in June was also published in error and without Linde's permission.

I wish to make clear that Mr. Baciu had no input whatsoever in the article and wish to apologize for any confusion caused.

Paul A Adams, Editor, AIRSHIP Journal.


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