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36 papers from 13 Countries to present at International Conference

The Airship Association conference this June will be truly international with 36 papers submitted from 13 countries: Argentina, Canada, China, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, UK and the USA.

The submissions are drawn widely from industry, academia and government organisations. Applications considered include flood relief, environmental studies, plant studies, agri-business and forestry, surveillance, mass transport and heavy lift. The types of airships are varied with a number of papers on hybrid airships, solar airships, stratospheric airships, unmanned airships, and traditional airships.

Topic areas covered include current projects and technology, innovation, maintenance, research and development, operations, climate, market, future projects and technology, education/training and history (including lessons learned from patents).

This will be a truly comprehensive conference with something for everyone including the ever present paper on Helium. There will be a report on the NASA Cargo Airship Workshops, as well as a presentation by Mr Thomas Brandt Chief Executive of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik. Scientific studies include hybrid optimum lift, thermal modelling, LTA robotics in uncertain winds, winged aerostat, CFD envelope shapes, prestressed beams and struts, buoyancy control, simulation, and testing.

The abstracts were reviewed by a panel of 7 judges drawn from industry and academia to achieve the appropriate balance of theory and practice.

The conference will be held in Ashford, England, on the 20th to the 23rd of June 2012 ending with a model airship regatta on the last day. For more details on the conference, location or programme, please see the conference page.

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