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Weddings on-board new Zeppelin airship

The Zeppelin airship flight season in Germany started on the 24th of March 2012, and according to Mr Thomas Brandt, Chief Executive of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik, flights for this year are fully booked, including reservations for on-board weddings. This year, a Zeppelin airship will also be stationed at Munich, and a new route has been inaugurated along the Swiss side of Lake Constance. Altogether there are now twelve different flight routes from Friedrichshafen lasting from thirty minutes to two hours. A new Zeppelin airship is being built for launch this year with the first contract being climatic research in The Netherlands; later in the year there are plans for flights in Italy. Last year, Goodyear have ordered three new Zeppelin NT airships for service in 2014, and DZR (Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH) are training several pilots from Goodyear. Further information and reservations can be found at

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