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Skyship Services Inc

We reported in the June 2011 Edition of the Airship Journal that the assets of Airship Management Services(AMS), the company of the late George Spyrou, had been acquired by SkyShip Services Inc. of Weeksville, North Carolina. Skyship Services Inc. is affiliated with the international businessman, Mr Julian Benscher, who has had previous experience with the Sykship series of airships, operating Skyships as Airship Operations Inc. When asked to explain his rationale for purchasing the assets of AMS, Mr Benscher stated firmly that he believes that the Skyship and Sentinel series of airships remain the most capable certified airships in existence. As such, he remains keen to acquire these assets whenever they become available at prices that make sound commercial sense. The Skyship series of airships have been used for publicity, advertising and security duties over the years, including trials with the French Navy (where the launch and retrieval of crewed inflatable boats was demonstrated), the UK MOD for counter-insurgency duties in Northern Ireland, the US Navy and Coastguard and most recently the Special Anti-crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (SAUTT). The longest recorded flight by a Skyship was in excess of 50 hours

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