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Contributions from members

The Airship Association reserves the right to amend, remove or delete articles or items that it deems inaccurate. However, we encourage members to submit factual articles or stories to the site for publication. The web-site now includes a basic WYSIWYG editor to make articles easier to submit.


The CMS has a variety of types of content, of which we tend to use Story, Blog, Public Page, Members Page or Forum.  Differnt levels of membership have different permissions, and some types of are restricted to council use only. 

When 'Published', most forms of content are split into a title, a teaser, (usually the first few lines/paragraph) and the main body.  To make this a site that the Public will want to come back to, we must publish stories with our own text and take on events. 

So that we are consistent, we should have a process to review/edit pages before they are published, if for no other reason than a sanity check/spelling/grammar.

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