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French Navy Airship Service

During the 2017 Airship Association Conference, one of the presenters (who is running a project on the WW1 Airship Stations in Wales,) let us know that the French placed one of the Submarine Scouts (an SS Zero) which they had purchaed from GB, into museum storage.  The (sole surviving?) SSZ gondola is currently preserved in a reserve collection outside Paris.

A cursory search of the internet brings up very little on the French Naval Airships, usually finishing with the loss of the "Dixmude" (previously the Kriegsmarine L72).  The Global Security website has a page covering the period to 1919.

According tV12 at Rochefort -1938 (Lachez Tout! by Commandant de Brossard)o Commandant Broussard's book "Lachez Tout!", the French Navy was still using airships in 1938, with his book showing V12 (an Astra Torres type) operating from Rochefort in that year.  (Note the chin mounted tripod mast, which appears to have been pulled by a small catapillar tractor)

Does anyone know what happened to the French Airships after 1938? 

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