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2017 Convention Call for Papers

11th International Airship Convention and Regatta


Bedford, England : 19th – 21st October 2017

Call for Papers

          The two-day technical conference that lies at the heart of the 11th International Airship Convention provides delegates with an opportunity to hear the speakers, discuss their papers and exchange new ideas about all matters concerning airships. The conference is hosted by the Airship Association and supported by The British Oxygen Co.; Airborne Industries; Hybrid Air Vehicles and the Airship Heritage Trust.

            Major subject areas are:

  1. Current Projects and Technology
  2. Flight Operations and Potential Growth Areas
  3. Infrastructure and Ground Handling
  4. Loading and Unloading Payloads
  5. Management/Regulation and Safety
  6. Market Finance/Leasing/Insurance
  7. Innovations/Research and Development/Future Projects etc.
  8. History and Learning from the Past
  9. Education/Training/Skills and Simulations
  10. Fun, Fantasy and Futuristic Concepts

Interested contributors should submit a maximum of 250-word abstract (no figures or references) to:

            The abstract should indicate the conference topic from those listed above.

                        Abstract deadline                                30th June 2017

                        Paper selection decision by:               31st July 2017

                        Delivery of final full paper:                20th October 2017

The papers selected will be published in the Conference Proceedings and these will be distributed free to delegates after the Convention. Each author shall present the paper orally (20 mins plus 10 mins discussion) : NB - No podium, no publication! (If authors do not turn up to read their papers at the Conference or appoint a suitably qualified substitute to read it for them then their paper will not be included in the Proceedings.) The Airship Association reserves the right to publish the paper in the Proceedings of the Conference and at any time thereafter in any publication of the Airship Association. Copyright of the paper will, however, remain with the author and this will be acknowledged wherever and whenever it is published. The convention is funded largely from the conference registrations and, therefore, speakers are obliged to register for the Convention and to pay the requisite attendance fees. A Registration Fee Discount is available for chosen speakers.

Convention Format


The Convention's main feature is a two-day Conference where all aspects of airships can be discussed. Anyone who wishes to submit a paper for presentation at the Conference should follow the appropriate instructions given in the Call For Papers that are part of this announcement document. The Convention is funded largely from registration fees and therefore speakers are obliged to register and pay the requisite fee. A discount is available for chosen speakers and session chairs.

For full details, see attachment.


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