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15th DGLR Lighter-than-Air Workshop - Call for Papers

Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Luft-und Raumfahrt -Lilienthal - Oberth EV (DGLR), in conjunction with the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Institute for Aerospace Technology will be holding the 15th Lighter-than-Air Workshop on 10/11 June 2016, at:

The University of Applied Sciences Bremen
Room ZIMT 409
Flughafenallee 10, 28199 Bremen

The theme of the 15th Workshop is:

"Hydrogen in Airships - Chances, Challenges and Concepts"

Please send your Proposals for Presentation by 15/04/16 to

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Apel - (email: or Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Fecher - (email:  For Postal Addresses see the Call for Papers on the DGLR Website

Presentations may address the following subjects:

  • Research and Development
  •  Airship Propulsion Systems
  •  Projects and Missions
  •  Payloads and Infrastructure
  •  Regulations
  •  Markets, Finance/Leasing/Insurance
  •  Unmanned Aerial Systems (LTA)
  •  Education and Training
  •  History
  •  Trends and Prognoses





Annotation for the Theme of Workshop XV
Hydrogen as lifting gas in powered lighter than air systems has been discarded for safety reasons since the Hindenburg accident in 1937. Meanwhile, the technical means for a safe handling of hydrogen
have been significantly improved. The usage of hydrogen as a rocket fuel has contributed to this improvement in particular.

Hydrogen as a CO2-free energy source (if produced using renewable energy) can be used as an airship fuel besides its application as a lifting gas. Helium, to the contrary, is a limited resource on Earth and of too high an importance for scientific and technical applications as to be exploited unnecessarily. Based on this rationale, the workshop shall focus on the chances for a possible renaissance of hydrogen as a lifting gas and a fuel for airships.

Within the frame of this topic, the critical aspects of safety and the pros and cons of hydrogen with respect to the design of airships and their economic operation shall be discussed. 

Considering the described context, focus shall be put on novel  and modified technical concepts like hybrid airships (with partly aerodynamic lift), alternative airship propulsion (hydrogen as fuel, electrical propulsion, fuel cells, etc.) and the chances of lighter than air systems on the air transport market.


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