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Airship-related novels

While not to everyone's tastes, novels can give surprising insights to technology (current or historical) or social attitudes to technology at the time the novel was written.

Aerial adventures were a very popular theme in the early part of the 20th century and occasionally modern authors are inspired by the concept of Lighter-than-Air technology to include real or imaginary Airships within their stories.

The following is a short list of novels in which Airships or Hybrids play a key role (most recent published at the top). 

If anyone wishes to add to this list, and write a review of these (or any other Airship related) novels, please feel free to forward it to, where the editor may choose to include the review in the Journal or on the web-site.

The Airshipmen David Dennington 2015
ZRS Rowan Partridge 2000
Seize the Reckless Wind John Gordon Davis 1984
The Great Airship Captain Brereton 1914


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