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Terms Of Reference - Editor of AIRSHIP

The Editor is of the Airship Journal is responsible for collecting, commissioning and collating articles, Information and materials concerning all aspects of LTA flight, and for ensuring publication conforms to the schedule published on the Submission page of the website.  The Editor is de-facto Chair of the Editorial Committee, which will be made up of members of council or selected members of the Association who want to contribute but who are not necessarily on council.

The Editorial routine is to be roughly as follows:

  • Submission Date -30 days?  Liase with the printers and book Publishing Dates
  • Contact ? to arrange ISBN (How/When is this done?)        (New)
  • Ongoing - Contact Industry/Academic contributors for submissions.
  • Ongoing - Allocate submissions to committee members for review and comment.
  • Ongoing - Respond to submissions
  • Submission Date -10 days  Last call to contributors
  • Submission Date:  Review submissions and select articles for various categories
  • Submission Date +3, forward selected Articles to Layout Editor.
  • Submission Date+5  review of PDF Journal, confirm Index Spreadsheet is updated.
  • Submission date+5  Liase with Membership Secretary for list of Names and Addresses.
  • Distribution???????????
  • Publishing Date -5 forward document (and Distribution List?) to Printer, copy to web-site for Electronic Record.
  • Publishing Date - 3 Confirm Printing and Distribution Complete.

Start Again.

Gregory, Giles, please feel free to adjust this to a realistic schedule/list by adding comments in bold (edit the page, make your changes, then preview the changes, and finally save.)

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