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Journal of the Airship Association

AIRSHIP, the journal of the Airship Association is sent to members as part of the membership package, and is available to non-members through the shop.  Published quarterly since the early 1970's, the Association is committed to continuing a paper version of the Journal for the duration as many of our members particularly want a paper Journal.  Limited back issues are available.

The Journal however does depend upon members and the industry engaging with the Association, through the Editor, and sending in submissions by the due date.  For a list of submission dates please see the link.

The Editorial Committee of the Journal will consider articles, correspondence, photographs, information and other materials for inclusion in  AIRSHIP, on all relevant matters.  These may be sent by email to the Editorial Committee, ( ) or by post to the Secretary of the Airship Association.

A suitably addressed envelope with full return postage must accompany any submissions that are required for return.  No responsibilty can be assumed for unsolicited materials.  All correspondence, or emails, sent to the Editorial Committee will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication, and copyright purposes, and are subject to the Editorial Committee's unrestricted right to edit and comment.

The contents of Airship are copyright and no part of the publication may be re-printed, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form, or reproduced by any means without prior permission from the copyright owner.

Publication in AIRSHIP does not imply agreement or endorsement of any views therein expressed by the Association, it's Council Members, Officers or by the Editorial Committee.


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