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STEM Project Proposal

Outline Plan for STEM Airship Project in Hourly Segments:

  1. Intro - Lecture on History of LTA, Aims and Objectives of Project?
  2. Safety and Theory
  3. Team Selection
    1. Crew Chief – Envelope (Filling and Emptying), adhesives, rope work, how to fit things to the envelope.
    2. Rigger – deputy for the Crew Chief and cross-trained.  Particular emphasis on strings/knots, fixings?
    3. Propulsion Engineer – Engines and Electronics
    4. Electrician – deputy for Prop Eng/ special responsibility for batteries, power, charging/recharging etc
    5. Pilot, proficient at control, spatial awareness
    6. Co-pilot.  Radio Control Kit, frequencies,
    7. Team Leader:  Facilitator, publicity, supplier, budgets
  4. Trg Balloon session.  Achieve Neutral Buoyancy, blow it round a course with straws (teamwork)
  5. Customisation/identification/labelling (balloon, batteries, chargers and Radio Control mechanisms)
  6. Inflation/deflation of swimmers, rescue and recovery
  7. Flights & trials (to be defined by Giles)

Equipment Required:

  • Air swimmers
  • Helium (BOC)
  • Nurse Balloons (Airborne Industries produce & sell?)
  • Radio Controls?

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