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Model Airship Regatta - Race Rules

  1. Airships will demonstrate near Neutral Buoyancy by being released at shoulder height of the judge, and remaining above the ground for a period of 4 seconds without power.
  2. Airships to be flown in a three figures 8 around two pylons, placed at a distance of 25m. Pylons to consist of helium balloons on a string.
  3. Each attempt will start at the timekeeper’s signal. The clock will start when the foremost part of an airship’s nose crosses the start line and the clock will stop when the hindmost part of an airship’s tail crosses the finish line.
  4. Airships will be penalised 10 seconds if any part of them makes contact with any person or the pylon balloon markers.
  5. A prize of £100 for the winner, will be awarded by the judges at the end of the competition.

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