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2015 Autumn Syposium and Model Airship Competition

For some years, the Airship Association has held an Autumn Symposium, frequently in conjunction with the Royal Aeronautical Society.  In 2012, the Association introduced a Model Airship Competition, with the aim of stimulating interest in how to solve some of the problems related to LTA Technologies.

The next Syposium is planned to take place on the afternoon of 31 October 2015 at East Barnet School in North London.  Please see attachment

The  Model Airship Regatta will comprise 2 elements, Speed and Manoevrability trial  (see rules), followed by a Weight-lifting trial.

There will also be an Airswimmers event for younger entrants.

Following the Model Competitions, the Syposium will take place with a programme of invited speakers.

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