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Airships to the Carribean

"Airships to the Caribbean" Conference

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida

January 28-29, 2016

Announcing an international conference bringing together knowledgeable, involved airship professionals, potential customers, public officials, decision makers, investment sources, the media, students and members of the public for a two-day, multi-level technology transfer program, providing support, encouragement, cooperation, financing, strategic partnership building, myth busting, and continuing education for the expert, the student and the public.

Expanding and applying the proper, creative use of Lighter-Than-Air Vehicles in many practical, and especially non-military areas, is a timely use of these unique and valuable modes of transport, especially in situations in which risk to humans is a factor. Military uses, the most prevalent application historically, are today all too often subject to arbitrary and short-sighted financial and political decisions. Airships hold major promise for transport in many areas of the globe's vast unexplored oceans, or impenetrable areas of rain forest or tundra, which are also without the road or rail infrastructure for robust, dependable coverage. We have compiled a list of over fifty practical applications, displaying the broad range of the most important opportunities best performed by airships in preference to any other means.

In order to bring these issues and other opportunities to the attention of interested parties, the Naval Airship Association is organizing an international conference hosted by a major aeronautical university with technology components. This long overlooked technology provides excellent opportunities for investment of capital, energy, thought, and technological talent. This Conference is the ideal way to bring all that together. We anticipate two full days of interesting and thought provoking presentations from industry leaders, suppliers, academics and the presentation of technical papers from students, researchers, and the leading authorities in the LTA field. This should be a thorough and stimulating session on the state of the art and a forecast of the future. We look forward to working together with you to make this a success.
For more information please contact Frederick R. Morin, President, Naval Airship Association, at FRMORIN@VERIZON.NET or call 508-746-7679.

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