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Aeros at Air Cargo Europe Convention

Aeros will exhibit details of the Aeroscraft Model ML866 (66 ton payload) and ML868 (250 ton) cargo airship designs at Air Cargo Europe Convention in Munich, Germany this week.

Aeros’ booth number is 124 in Hall A4.

The proof-of-design Aeroscraft vehicle was successfully completed and tested in a hangar at Tustin California at the end of last year. Aeros report that during the conference it will continue dialog with cargo airlines.

Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak stated “The initial fleet of 24 vehicles will be allocated based on our client’s needs which include Project Cargo, resupplying offshore oil rigs, moving wind turbine components across the vast landscapes and over the borders of Southern Africa, and bringing renewable energy power sources and equipment to rural villages in India. ” He added “Recognizing about half the fleet will be located in South America, the Arctic and sub-Saharan Africa, our vehicles have been tested and developed with the goal of global operations in all climates.”

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