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US Army Offers LEMV to NG & HAV


The US Army has made official offers to both Northrup Grumman and Hybrid Air Vehicles to purchase the LEMV at cost. It is understood that HAV are looking to raise the funds to the buy the vehicle and use it as test and demonstration vehicle in the cargo role.

Although configured for surveillance missions it is expected that the hybrid airship could carry about four tons of cargo and would be invaluable for testing, developing operational procedures and demonstrating the capabilities of this type of aircraft.  

According to the US Army Space and Missile Defence Command responces have been received and are being considered.   Other disposal options for the LEMV also exist, it reports.

Hardy Giesler of HAV reports that if the company were to buy it, they would first concentrate on completing flight trials enable operations in civilian airspace. He expects that to take less than a year. 

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