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Failed LTA Projects

The list of failed LTA Projects is long.  In many cases, the causes of failure have been linked to lack of finance; starting a project without sufficient funding to see it through,  in-sufficient funding to overcome unforseen technical challenges, or mis-spending the available funding.

The funding challenges that have been the downfall of many LTA project have also given the LTA world a very bad reputation as an easy touch for fraudsters, to such an extent that there elements associated with LTA who automatically and vociferously denounce any new LTA related concept as a fraudulent attempt to raise money.

It would be useful for this site to make an impartial analysis of failed projects to identify the root cause of the failures.  As a starting point we have a list of more recent projects, or high profile projects, that have ceased.

  • MAV 6 (USA)
  • Science Application International Corporation (SAIC) (USA)
  • Lockheed Martin HALE (USA)
  • Skyhook International / Boeing (USA)
  • Cargolifter AG (Germany)
  • Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) (UK)
  • Airship Industries (UK)
  • Advanced Non-Rigid Airship (Isle of Man)
  • R101 (UK)
  • Thermoskyship (UK)
  • Aeron (USA)

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