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Chairman - Peter Ward

Peter Ward has spent all his working life in the industrial gases business specialising in Helium Applications.  Peter joined Air Products in 1969 operating Helium liquefiers, developing large bulk liquid helium containers and supplying liquid helium to scientific and industrial establishment.  In 1972 whilst supplying Helium to the Goodyear Airship Europa at Cardington Peter became interested in airships and joined the Airship Association. Following a number of managerial positions in the UK and Belgium Peter joined the German Industrial gas company Linde  in 1992 where he held various managerial positions within the Helium organisation. During this period Peter worked with Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand on their “Around the World” balloon attempts.

Peter was also involved for many years in the MRI development and production business setting up helium transfer plants in the Oxford, UK and Shenzhen, China.

Peter retired from Linde in 2009 holding the positions of Managing Director for Helison Marketing and Senior Business advisor for the International Helium Group. Peter currently consults on helium supply and applications.

Peter became Chairman of the Airship Association in  2010.

Peter is married with two sons and a granddaughter.

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