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Airship Ventures to cease operation

Airship Ventures, the Californian start-up company that leased a Zeppelin NT for operations in the San Fransisco Bay area is to cease operating.  The company was set up and run by Brian and Alexandra Hall, a husband and wife team who succeeded in raising the finance to lease one of the most technologically advanced airship types available on the market today.

The start of the venture in 2007 came shortly before the global financial crises, and it was against this background that Ariship Ventures and Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik (ZLT) came to commercial agreement, and addressed the issues of base facilities and passenger regulations for Airships in the USA.

NT-04 was launched in May 2008, and after spending the summer in Europe, the ship was moored on a cargo ship and sailed across the Atlantic to Beaumont, Texas, from where she made a series of transit flights to her new home at Moffett Field, California in October 2008.

Named Eureka at a ceremony in November 2008, the Airship Ventures team succeeded in securing sponsorship from Farmers' Insurance for several years, with the passenger operation providing an additional revenue stream.  Airship Ventures also offered Eureka as a platform for special missions, often scientific in nature, where the long endurance, loiter capabilities and low environmental impact made Eureka an ideal platform for using sensitive airborne instruments as Zeppelin have also demonstrated in Europe with the Pegasos Project.

Unfortunately, after the end of the advertising contract with Farmers Insurance, Airship Ventures have been unable to secure a new sponsor, and have therefore come to the conclusion that they must cease operations.

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