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President and Council of the Airship Association

President of the Airship Association (Previous Presidents)

Mr Don Cameron:  Don Cameron has been involved in Lighter Than Air Activities for over 50 years.  Don has been manufacturing hot air ballons , hot air airships and long endurance Roziere Balloons, and is one of Europe's most experienced pilots and manufacturers of LTA Craft.

Chair of the Airship Association

Dr G Camplin PhD:  Dr Giles Camplin has been a keen advocte of LTA Technologies for many years, both dirigibles and free balloons.  He has been involved in a number of LTA projects including within the entertainment industry, and has also been involved in the preparations for several world record attempts.  Giles specialises in historical research and has a great interest in the Ground Handling aspect of LTA vehicles.


Vice Chairman

Mr N Hills:  After serving in the Royal Air Force, Nigel Hills spent some years working in the large IT Consultancies as Project manager then Business Area manager in the telecoms arena; a long term interest in the capabilities of LTA vehicles led him to volunteer for council in 2006.


Members of Council

Mr R. H. Chadburn, C. Eng, FIMarE:  Richard Chadburn is a Marine Engineer by profession, and spent many years working for Shell, both as an Engineering Officer, and subsequently in a variety of other roles.  He worked closely with the International Maritime Organisation during the development of LNG Tankers, and became interested in the applications of Airships while investigating alternative methods of transport for gasses.  Mr Chadburn bacame Chairman of the Airship Association in the mid-1990's and instigated the bi-annual international conventions in 1996.  He remains an active member of the council.

Johannes Eissing.  Johannes Eissing is a highly experienced aeronautical engineer, with a background in transport airplane, commuter airship and transport airship design. His particular skills are in flight physics, with strong experience in weights and balance, airship envelope design and gas management.

Mr G. Gottlieb, MCGI, BA Hons:  Gregory Gottlieb lives in Dubai, second city of the UAE. His career has involved him with the design, development, production and operation of both airships and aerostats almost continuously since 1990. Most recently he managed airship and aerostat programs for a UAE Government company for more than six years. In addition to the Airship Association, he is a member of the AIAA and the Themed Entertainment Association.

Mr Stuart Hayock:  Stuart Haycock developed a business providing air-inflated training products to the Airline and Defence Industries, before the opportunity presented itself to buy one of the oldest Aerostat and Tethered Balloon Manufacturers in the UK.  Airborne Industries of Southend-on-Sea has been producing LTA Technology since the 1940's, and has updated its range of LTA Products to reflect current trends.

Mr M Hill BSc: Career in the Biopharmaceutical Industry, for Wellcome, GSK , Celltech and UCB initially in analytical development.  Specialized in laboratory robotics, Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), Quality systems and regulatory requirements.   LTA interest cover many years and joined the Airship Association in 1984. Constructed several RC airship platforms for advertising and photography.

Mr R Hochstetler:  Ron Hochstetler has over 20 years of technical and management experience in research and development, logistical support, project management, and marketing for aerospace, (LTA) technologies. Several years experience in R&D management, as well as market development of airborne remote sensing services. Specific expertise includes, marketing, operational analysis, and sensor systems utilization planning for manned and unmanned airships, with special expertise in logistics and ground support.

Mr R Knotts: After a 33 year career in the Royal Air Force, initially as aircrew and then as Engineering Officer, Robert Knotts joined British Aerospace as Integrated Logistics Support Manager for the BAe 146 and ATP.  He subsequently bacame Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and Project Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

 Mr J Woods:(Treasurer)

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