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B09 - Aerobatic Man-powered Airship

Airships are representative of environmentally friendly, safe vehicles. Non-rigid airships, in particular, are appealing and gentle structures. A man-powered small airship with highly enhanced maneuverability developed as an indoor pleasure vehicle will satisfy a man’s desire to fly freely in the air. This paper introduces a design with this in mind. 1 m3 of helium has a buoyancy of about 1 kg, so a 10 m long axi-symmetric ellipsoidal space with a maximum diameter of 6 m filled with helium would have buoyancy of about 200 kg. An airship of this size has a chimney-like duct located midship as the cockpit for one pilot. The hull would be made of transparent film to secure outside views. Bicycle-like mechanisms would drive a pair of thrusters placed at the fore hull through a chain train. After setting the vehicle’s center of gravity and buoyancy center as close as possible, the airship could perform aerobatic flights without fear of falling due to stall.

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