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B04 - Rosaerosystems airships AU-11 and AU-12

The Au-11 is a one-seat airship with envelope volume 670 cu. m is

designed for patrolling and advertising flights, including flights at a

low altitude and low speed, as well as in the hovering mode. The

general view of the airship given below shows particular features of

structural schemes of the main units and airship in whole. The

design of the Au-12 two-seat airship nearly repeats configuration of

the Au-11 enlarged by 1.142 times. It has a volume of 996 cu. m,

length 31.6 m, envelope diameter 7.85 m. With power of power plant

of 72 kW, maximum design speed is 100 km per hour. Take-off mass

of the airship is 910 kg, and payload mass is 210 kg.

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