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B03 - Airships research and projects in The Netherlands,

There is a continued and urgent need to improve transportation in

terms of economy, efficiency and sustainability in The Netherlands: innovative transport technologies such as airships can be harnessed towards creating additional, innovative and sustainable way of innovative transportation.

The Platform for Airships provides independent information and tailormade services to meet the specific needs of parties interested in and potential users of airships. The Platform promotes the development and use of airships as an economically feasible and sustainable transport modality. It works closely together with various governmental and nongovernmental organisations, as well as with financial institutions and commercial enterprises.

The main airship research and projects in The Netherlands are at the following:

1) Transportation by airships; opportunities for strategic nichemanagement

(Delft University and Platform for Airships);

2) The Sustainable Airship (EBIT-programme of NOVEM)

3) Dutch Airship Operations Initiative

4) Lighter Than Air in Europe (EULTA)

The realisation of these projects and their results will help to prove the technical and financial feasibility of airship technology in practice andwill help to realise public private partnership or commercial feasible initiatives.Successful results and a demonstrable profitability of these projects may help to start a self-reinforced cycle of market development airship and their required infrastructure, in and outside The Netherlands.

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