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B02 - Key considerations for SPF airship technology demonstrator design, telecommunications services

A stratospheric platform (SPF) could be very useful in fulfilling future

needs of society, as it provides a new infrastructure for

telecommunications services and earth environment protection.

The SPF airship feasibility study has been performed at NAL during

18 months from spring 1998, and as a result it is found that the

stratospheric airship system may be realized with advanced

component technologies. The key technologies to be developed

include design and manufacturing of a huge lightweight membrane

envelope, a clean solar power generation system with photovoltaic

and fuel cells, and safe flight operations with buoyancy control and

thermal management of a He-inflated hull. Our program goal is to

provide an airship technology demonstrator system with a strong

ultra-light structure and efficient solar-powered propulsion, as well as

to satisfy mission requirements for future practical applications.

Addressed herein are current technical progress and future

technology demonstration strategy in the SPF airship R&D program

of Japan.

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