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In construction terms, most modern LTA vehicles can be considered to exist of 3 primary components: the Gondola/keel structure, which can be considered as the Airframe, the envelope containing the lifting gas, and in the case of a rigid/semi-rigid airship, the internal framework.

A manufacturer may elect to construct the gondola itself (and in the case of a Rigid, the internal framework), but will often outsource the construction of the envelope to specialist manufacturers.


The following companies have designed, built and certified LTA Vehicles (Airships (including Hot-air Airships), Aerostats and LTA Remote Piloted Vehicles (RPVs)) under their own brand.

Prototype/Research LTA Projects Suppliers - Envelope Designers/Manufacturers

The following companies are known to have been involved in the design and manufacture of LTAV envelopes for Airships/Hybrids, although they may be better known as manufacturers of Aerostat Systems in their own right. This is not an exhaustive list, and inclusion on the list should not be construed as a recommendation by the Airship Association.


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