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A20 - Recent developments for airship “Lotte”, robust control system and in-flight measurements of fin forces


This paper presents the development and implementation of an attitude
control system to be applied to the research airship “Lotte”. Additionally
the development of a measuring system for in-flight measurements of
the “Lotte” fin forces is described. The first part starts with a summary of
the methods of robust control. The application of these methods is
discussed examining some results of controller synthesis and analysis
of the closed loop linear systems of the airship’s controlled motion.
Flight testing requires the adaptation of algorithms to the existing
software and the use of finite state machines, which ensure reliable
switching between different control modes. Finally some results of flight
tests are shown demonstrating flight maneuvers and flight path
guidance tests. The second part is dedicated to the system identification
research for airships. To improve the physical insight of the
aerodynamics, in-flight measurements of the fin forces are planned and
a measuring system for this purpose is being developed. The design of
the required measuring equipment is outlined.

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