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A19 - Calculations on the aerodynamic characteristics of an ellipsoid airship using Computational Fluid Dynamics


This paper presents the results of the calculations on the
aerodynamic characteristics of an ellipsoid airship. The ellipsoid
shape has been selected for a specific concept airship, flying at low
airspeeds and capable of lifting high payloads. The aerodynamic
calculations have been performed using the Computational Fluid
Dynamics software package fluent. It is shown that the drag
coefficient with respect to the volume is 60 % higher as for the
traditionally shaped airship. Furthermore, the aerodynamic centre is
located at 9% of the cord. These results have a high impact on the
operational aspects of the ellipsoid shape. The high drag coefficient
will restrict the ellipsoid airship to flying at low airspeeds, reducing fuel
consumption. Due to the high dynamic lift and the aerodynamic
centre lying close to the leading edge, the ellipsoid airship can
become unstable in pitch when flying at high airspeeds.

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