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A17 - The Hydrogen Ballonet


A. Four popular misconceptions conspire to cripple airship
1. The Graf Zeppelin was a supernaturally “lucky” ship
2. Helium filled airships are fireproof, efficient and cost effective
3. Hydrogen is uninsurable because it caused many Zeppelins to
blow up
4. Hydrogen contains insufficient energy to be practical as fuel
B. Four fuel facts can revolutionize airship development:
1. Hydrogen has the most Btu by weight of any fuel
2. Hydrogen has the least Btu by volume of any fuel
3. H2 consumption yields 8.94 pounds of water per pound of fuel
4. Liquid H2 expands 851.33 times as it evaporates
This paper seeks to debunk A) and utilize B) to achieve a paradigm
shift in airship performance via a variable-volume fuel accumulator
called the hydrogen ballonet.

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