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A14 - Research and Development of Integrated Tracking and Control System for Stratospheric Airship Flight Operations


It is expected that large scale unmanned airship has a possibility of
station-keeping flight in a lower stratosphere of nearly 20km altitude. The
airship system, called " Stratospheric Platform" in Japan, is a new
infrastructure for application to high-speed broadband communications in
near future. In Japan, a stratospheric platform development has been in
progress since 1998, as a joint R&D program of Ministry of Public
Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT), and
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). As
part of the R&D program, the Mitaka Stratospheric Platform Research Center
(MRC) of Telecommunications Advancement Organisation of Japan (TAO)
has been responsible for development of an Integrated Tracking and Control
System (ITACS) for safe airship flights. This paper describes current
achievements and future R&D work on the ITACS system for stratospheric
airship flight operations.

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