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A12 - Using technology development roadmap in lighter-than-air programmes


For the development of the CargoLifter Airship CL 160 CargoLifter
Development GmbH has combined Technology Development
Approach with Platform Development Approach. The resulting
adapted Platform Approach is requiring, besides a proper Platform
Configuration Management, a Technology Development Roadmap
properly aligned with the actual product development plan. To
establish a Technology Development Roadmap it is first of all
necessary to identify and justify required Technology Development
Projects. Based on the individual schedules of the projects, the
programme master schedule and the platform definitions technology
implementation milestones are identified. Based on this delivery
milestone the individual projects get combined in a schedule, forming
a core part of the Technology Development Roadmap. This
Roadmap then enables a proper management of each Technology
Development Project. Identified sequences and dependencies allow
proper management and refinement of the platform definitions.

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