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A01 - Construction and flying a radio controlled lighter than aircraft powered by cycloidal propellers

Cycloidal (Vertical axis) propellers have been used in some form for over a hundred years in various applications, mostly on boats. The flexibility of directional control is it’s main advantage, a simple rotational change of the blades and the direction is changed.

In 1923 the airship Shenandoah was scheduled to be outfitted with Cycloidal propellers, unfortunately she was caught in a storm and broke in half. If the modification had been made the probability would be that the aircraft would have survived the storm. Other airship accidents, Akron and Macon, could also been averted if Cycloidal propellers were in use. Research continued on aircraft Cycloidal propellers until 1943 when jet engines and helicopters became available. Since then little has been done to develop the propeller.

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