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Cardington site under threat of residential development

Sheds One and Two at Cardington Airfield, UK. Airship manufacturing and maintenance facilities are rare, given the size and volume of the vessels that they were designed to house, and most of those facilities are in the USA. Now one of the few European sites capable of hosting airship maintenance and construction activities is under threat of residential development.  Why is this important?

As the possibilities of larger airships or hybrid airship technologies become more financially viable, the companies that plan to manufacture these huge vessels need a covered location in which to assemble and inflate the final product. Construction of suitable facilities have contributed to the bankruptcies of more than one hopeful manufacturer, so the conservation of the few remaining facilities should be high on the list of priorities for any organisation wishing to develop the airship industry.

Although the Cardington sheds are listed (protected) buildings, and Shed No 2 was refurbished some years ago, it has subsequently been used by the British film industry. Shed No 1 has just started a programme of refurbishment but the owners have also submitted planning applications for residential developments that would restrict the use of the shed and airfield to none but the smaller blimps used for advertising.

British citizens who feel that such a restriction adversely affects the potential redevelopment of a viable airship industry can use the UK Government e-Petition site to try and have the current development plans discussed in Parliament.

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