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Model Airship Regatta 2012

As part of the Airship Association's 9th International Convention, a model airship regatta was organised. 

The aim of the regatta was to encourage young engineers to explore the practicalities of cargo acquisition in flight. 

To undertake such an exercise competitors would have to demonstrate station-keeping capabilities, fine control and the ability to acquire and carry a disposable payload. 

The competition comprised two elements, a Time Trial and a Weight-lifting competition, and it was held in the sports hall at the Towers School, Kennington, Nr Ashford, Kent on Saturday 23rd June 2012.  See the videos

Time Trial:  3 Lap Race around a 20 metre Figure of 8 course

There were 5 entries for the time trial, and the actual times recorded were adjusted by a handicapping system which took account of various aerodynamic, and powerplant factors to produce a corrected time.

1st prize (£200)          “F119” flown by Erich Fink in a corrected time of 55 seconds

2nd prize  (£150)       “ADELE” flown by Lars Paasche in 1 minute and 35 seconds

3rd prize (£100)   “IMKE” flown by Martin Zobel in 2 minutes and 33 seconds




Weight-lifting Competition (30g egg)

The competion required each entrant to fly one lap of the course, pick up the cargo (a 30g egg with a 4cm loop) and complete another full circuit of the course. If the entrant was unable to pick up the egg within a certain time limit, through control and manoeuvre, then a manual hook-up was permitted with an additional time penalty. 

There were three entries but none of them succeeded in picking up the egg without assistance.

Two contestants dropped the egg during the final circuit but one succeeded in carrying it across the line after a “hook-on” by “ground-crew” which added a 2 minute time penalty.

Consequently, the judges awarded a £100 prize to the “KIRCHENSCHIFF” flown by Clemens Mayer (below), which managed to complete the course inside the allotted 15 minutes with a corrected time of 14 minutes and 18 seconds.

More than 30 spectators, including representatives from 8 different countries, turned up to watch the fun and the Airship Association are now looking for a sponsor to enable this to become an annual event. This year all the contestants came from German Universities but it is hoped that this competition will attract more entries from other countries in the future.

The success of the event this year confirms the Association’s belief that the Model Airship Regatta has the potential to become a prestigious prize that will attract young aeronautical engineers to try their hand at solving some long-standing LTA problems.

Our thanks to Linde for sponsoring the event.

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